Interview mit Rekordhalter Kelvin Howe vom 1. SGC Westenholz

Vor Sonnenaufgang: Um sechs Uhr morgens auf dem SwingolfplatzSGDD: Hi Kelvin, it’s a pleasure to meet you. September last year you did a great charity event and played an incredible Swingolf marathon: 12 hours, from six o’clock in the mornining – even before sunrise – until six in the evening you played non-stop-swingolf. This event was part of the 20-year anniversary of your club 1.SGC Westenholz and you wanted to raise money for the Mutter-Kind-Haus (KIM) Paderborn. Just let me ask you a few questions. How did you got the idea in the first place?

Kelvin: All charities are good, I wanted to help people who are sometimes forgotten but still need help.

Kelvin beim ersten Abschlag SGDD: As being an ex-soldier we all know, you're a tough guy, but playing for 12 hours in a row is really a long road! Have you had any doubts before that you would "survive" it?

Kelvin: Yes many doubts. I knew it would be hard, if it was easy many people would have done it before me.

SGDD: How was your feeling after the last shot?

Kelvin nach 12 Stunden non-stop SwingolfKelvin: I was so relieved, my legs and feet were in so much pain I just wanted to go in a ice bath. Shortly after my back cramped up and for 3 or 4 days afterwards I was still in pain, but I done it.

SGDD: That really sounds hard. Beforehand, we all were guessing how many holes you'd be able play. You even started a little betting game where people could bet your number. So, what was the final score?

Kelvin: I played 165 holes and it took 675 shots, for someone who is 57 years old thats not bad, I think next year if someone from another club tried it, it could be beaten ????

SGDD: If my math is right, this is just five over Par, what a great score! Yes, maybe some other player will take this as a challenge. Talking about bets, your initial idea was to create a charity event for the "Mother Child Home" in Paderborn. Every participant had to give a voluntary sum and you did also collect some other donations. In the end, how much money did you raised?

Übergabe der gesammelten Spenden von 1075€ and das Mutter-Kind-Haus PaderbornKelvin: Thanks to everyone who gave me money for this great cause. People were very generous and I raised €1075 plus the people who won the bets on the day gave that money to the charity also.

SGDD: Oh, wow! That’s quite an impressive sum! Overall, this event was a great idea and fantastic publicity for our sport Swingolf. It's their fault that the guys from the guinness world records didn't want to come to testify this. For us players from the whole german Swingolf community this is definitely a very unique world record!

Zeitungsartikel des Westfalen-BlattKelvin: At the moment I have no plans on doing any charity work, that’s not to say I won’t, I would like to see other swingolf clubs doing there own thing which will keep our sport in the public eye, it’s hard enough to get new, young blood in the sport and I believe that these kind of events will help us.

SGDD: Kelvin, thank you and see you soon!